Napisz list: do kolezanki z angli która ma kłopoty z narkotykami-.wczesniej napisala list w którym prosiła cie o porade..
W tym liscie powinno być: podziekowanie za zaufanie , powiedziec jak sie czułas jak czytałaś ten list....
-zasugerowanie dwóch mozliwych sposobow wyjscia z nałogu moga byc 3
-wyjasnienie dlaczego zerwanie z nalogiem jest wazne dla niej i jej rodziny
zaoferowanie pomocy i wyrazenie nadzieij na zerwanie z nałogiem słow musi byc 120

daje dużo punktów prosze o pomoc....
jakies glupie zarty zglaszam jako spam



Postaram się pomócc :)

Hello Anja,

How are you? I would like to thank you for your trust and for that. I will try to help you, because you're a person close to me.

In my opinion, you should report to the psychologist. He will certainly help. Talk with you and explain what can happen when drug use.

You should also tell your parents. There are many clinics and doctors who help quit. Do not be afraid to talk to parents about this.

If you sever the habit will become less aggressive. you start to enjoy life and live life to the fullest. Your family loves you very and does not want you to suffer. Soon my Christmas vacation. I come to you and during your treatment will be with you.

Best wishes, Love
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

At the beginning of my letter, I would like to greet you and thank you for your trust.
After reading your letter I could not believe what you write, it surprised me. He feels that stopping in trouble unless you retract this. I know that it is not so easy, and don't think that I read article in the paper about drug addiction or other drugs.that I read in newspaper article on drug addiction or other drugs. No! I have rather had a colleague who survived the same thing and probably not survive. He does not want to scare you but you do not want to lose like I lost Veronica. Well, she was 15 and started a take. First, she said that in order to learn faster, then took in order to relax, then I have had no contact with her. I learned from her friends in class that at a disco with "new friends" overdosed. Her mother tried to commit suicide, because not seen after her death, the meaning of life. I miss her. I could do something, but now I do not want to make the same mistake. You are already subject itself, it does not manage to, you have to go into rehab. Your family and friends will help you - me too. Do not let it to your mother lost her sense of life, do not let on that you lost you life. I hope I got you. I'd like to meet with you as soon as possible and talk. Do not tell yourself that there is no problem and you have mastered over all, because one day in rehab will be too late.

Always with you *VANILA

* -> na przykład :)
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