Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Is Tuesday, at 8.30. This is one of the worst days of the whole week. Entering the school I met a few people. In the morning starts with a conversation on the topic: "You have a task to bioli?", "Jejku forgot about the task of the mats, or can someone write back to me?". Immediately upon entering, all with a bit of hope on his face bound for the corridor at the corner of the locker room, which are written representation. "Again, for our class there is nothing" shouted one of the girls. Nobody do not like it, because it means that we will have a whole 9 hours of sitting in school.
Oh well. I head to the first floor to the computer room. Along the way, have entered the cafe, to obtain a lunch on this day. Now, two tedious hours we will have to sit and listen to some very interesting lectures teacher. Before the room sits a few people. Two girls with a smile on your face say about your crush. I go to Asia, which certainly has a mathematics task and certainly give me rewrite those with whom I had a problem. "Asya, loving my job you have mats? Of course, that I "corresponds with a smile on his face and immediately pulls out notebook. Went well. Unfortunately, there are some people who lie straight in the eye and said that they had no job, and the lessons the first pull, and even discuss their homework. After all, would say that, but do not want to give. On informatykach everyone sits in small groups, with whom he now hold the first and second class. It is also one person who sits alone. Some people dubbed it "nymph". It is only a few people who turn to it a few sentences. I do not know why. But she is a very cool girl. Maybe because it behaves seriously. I, too, with her very rarely talk to, because we have very malutko topics for discussion.
Today was not so boring, because you have allowed us to sit on the Internet. Some lay in wait, others were talking, and still others prescribe the job. One of the main topics of small talk is Baccalaureate and Studniówka.
At last the bell for a break. After a short time he made a great movement in the corridor, several groups of high school students, the sound of laughter, snatches of the various dialogues. So is there every day. For a while I talk to a girl that is very often sad. Sometimes this annoys me because they always cause her heart przygnębiania issues are and, more specifically, maybe it is too often falls in love ... I take the girls with whom to keep. Talk about the blog run by three people from our class. All are indignant that what I have read. "But what is it?" I ask the girl, who is the most pyskata and very often has a critical attitude to everyone and everything. When she told me everything I was in shock. Has long since established that is so. trinity all changed attitude toward these people. They have a great notion of himself. Think of themselves as people knowing everything. It is still somehow impossible to digest, but that laugh at others it is already the top.
We enter the hall 48 In this class, we have the Polish language. Fortunately, today, only one hour. As usual, the working class, only the first bench, mainly chcłopcy. The teacher probably already accustomed to this. Obviously nervous stupid comments of one of the boys. Sometimes it laughs, because even come out to him ridiculous. Not only you but also half of the class very often no longer able to hear it. On the other hand, well, that is such a person, because sometimes you can relax on the lesson.
Another lesson in physics. Lesson Most boring, what can be. I go up the stairs to the ground floor. As usual, a lot of people. In addition, students have come from wieczorówki, he is already 15 hours The transition takes the stairs a few minutes. "It can do so to a roundabout on the stairs" I hear the comment of one of the students. I sit on the bench and remember the material from the last lesson. "Oo Danka learned it will certainly raise" and so the whole break I hear this type of sentence. Think to themselves that they had found a stupid, what is raised in the reply. The fact that I sit quietly, rarely with whom they are arguing about does not mean that I'm silly.
The lesson you asked one person from the so-called trinity. Unfortunately, this time her leg podwinęła, I was caught in the collection. She sat on the bench and by the end of the day did not speak a word, which was very strange. All left without comment, but each one his thought. For now, very few people speak loudly about them, but once it all comes to light, and a lot of things in our classroom will change. Maybe people will say you simply everything and think there would be no obgadywania and ridicule.
Finally, our last day in the ring. All tired, but with joy on his face coming out of school. Trying not to think about that today and got boring scores that reach the home where they will have to learn the next day.