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1) Childhood

Fryderyk Chopin was born in the village of Zelazowa Wola in Mazovia in 1810. He had three sisters Izabella, Emilia and Ludwika. In 1811 his family movies to Warsaw.

2) Starting to perform

Fryderyk in 1816 starts taking piano lessons. He likes playing duets to four hands together with sister Ludwika. In time lyceum Chopin first time to give a concert in the Radziwill palace. When Fryderyk is seven he began to compose.

3) Career

In 1824 Chopin together with sister Emilia, writes a comedy entitled Omylka, the means Mniemany filut (The Mistake, or the Pretended Rogue), and establishes a children's "Literary Amusement Society"s In 1825 Fryderyk to give a concert two times for children in Rainertz and for czar Aleksander I. In 1828 Chopin leave Poland and go to Germany. Next he goes to Vienie. Fryderyk was 22 when he has first public concert in Paris. He has a lot of important concerts in Europe. In 1848 he has his last public concert in Paris and in his live.

4) Family and friends

Fryderyk’s parents were Justyna and Mikolaj. Father was a teacher in a secondary school in Warsaw. He dies in Warsaw in 1844. Mother was his first piano teacher. She dies in 1861 in Warsaw. Chopin has friends in Paris painter Delecroix, singer Viardot, Mickiewicz and Grzymala. Fryderyk’s friend was George Sand. They met for nine years, but her son doesn’t like Fryderyk. He dies in 1849 in Paris. Fryderyk Chopin was outstanding pianist in his era.
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