Write a short article for your school website. Say what you think individual people can do to improve the environment in your town or city.
plan you wiriting:
1. say where you live and what you tink some of the environment problems are(Ostrowiec)
2. Say what you think people can do
3. Think of a positive ending for your art)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi! My name is XYZ and I live in Ostrowiec. I think that we have got very seroious problem with air pollution thank to all companies and their fabrics in our city...
I suggested writing a complain letter to all of our fabrics which are the reason of our problem. We should tell them what they are doing, because maybe they don't realize that... We have to tell them that they are poisoning our air and people who live in Ostrowiec. How can we live like that? Our future and health is in danger and we must help each other!
I'm begging all those who read this. Sind a letter with your name. It'n not much but can do so many! Remember... It's about our future in this city!

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1. I live in Ostrowiec. (Ja mieszkam w Ostrowcu.)
2. It is possible to walk in (to) my locality for park. It is possible to go for cinema (movies) on movie. It is possible to go for bar evenings (in the evening). Stores have with garments and shoes. (W mojej miejscowości można chodzić do parku.
Można iść do kina na film.
Wieczorami można iść do baru.
Mamy sklepy z ciuchami i butami .)
3. a tego ost, niestety nie wiem, z racji że nie nap , nic o swoim mieście.