Dear Ms Borges,

Having received no reply to several telephone calls I'm now putting my complain in writing. Please refere to the Dubrovnik holiday detailed below.

My wife and I booked this holiday with you on June 12th on this year. Our booking form confirms that we paid 200 pound extra for a sea view at the Hotel Splendide. I would be greateful if you would double check your office copy to confirm this.

After ten hours delay, we arrived at our hotel tired and hot. Imagine our disappointment when we opened our blinds expecting a view od the sparkling Adriatic Sea and insted faced with a brick wall. We reported this to your local representative, Mr Stanko, who stated that the hotel was to blame and that no sea view rooms were available. Mr Stanko promised to look for another hotel, however, we never saw him again.

We would not have travelled on this tour if we had known about our viewless accommodation. We have plenty of brick walls in Warsaw, thank you. The least I expect is a full refund of our 200 pound sea view supplement. A more generous approach might encourage us to book another holiday with you.

Please let me know as soon as possible, in writting, what action you plan to take.

I look for ward to hearing from you.
Your sincerely,
John Mcfly