Noted with did not take to each other a few things so I went to a store to shop because it was still 3 hours until the departure of plane.Closed the house and went.W shop and bought soap, shampoo, and a few other things.Next went to kasy.Była very large queue. . missed it a nice pan.Potem quickly ran to the house to finish with him alone pakowanie.Take summer clothing and swimwear.Potem came after her taxi and went to lotnisko.. It turned out that the plane already took off her watch and stood in the place.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was a freezing cold morning. Joanne was packing for her trip to Bermuda. She was packing everything needed things to the taxi, which will drive her to the air port. Suddenly, from the forest which surround her house somebody gave terrible sound. She and the taxi driver were aghast. They did not know what to do. Joanne's dog went out from her house and ran up to her legs. She caressed him. She and driver was looking on the forest. Taxi driver told ' We should go there and check what was that'. Then this terrible sound be heard once again. 'Okay' she answered him 'Let's go'. She follow him and her dog follow them. She was scared what was that. This sounded like a women's voice but she wasn't sure of that. They were in the deepest part of this cold and foggy forest. She didn't know this place as well as the front of the wood. They stopped, at the moment the flame flashed. Now the forest was in the fire. The blaze circles them. They have no way to escape. From behind fire stood ugly looking man. He was laughing so nasty. Joanne began to cry. She squatted down and hugged her dog. Then she open her eyes, woken up by her alarm-clock. It was just a dream. Joanne was so excited the travel that she forget this dream as fast as possible. She went to the bathroom, she took fast shower. She ate her breakfast, listening to the music from the radio. When she was already ready, she call up taxi. She checked up once again is every light in her house is turn off. It was. She closed her door, packed her bags to the taxi and checked does she have her ticket. She had. She got to the car and she went to the airport successfully. The trip was wonderful, she was very glad of the idea to go there.

*Poniosła mnie wena, która czasem się budzi. Akurat padło na Ciebie. Nie powinno być żadnych błędów. Nie ma literówek, ponieważ pisane jest pod nadzorem słownika języka angielskiego, który podkreśla ewentualne błędy. Starałem się używać jak najwięcej synonimów, ale język angielski jest uboższy w słowa bliskoznaczne niż polski. Jeżeli będziesz potrzebował tłumaczenia mogę ją przetumaczyć. Polecam się.