He action takes place in Verona in the town square. Meet the servants of the feuding families. Between them comes to fighting. Suddenly, the square appears Capulet and Montague, together with Prince Escalusem. Trying to split up for the beating. After some time, Romeo appears saying that perhaps unfortunately fell in love. Meanwhile, it seems Capulet party, talking about it with Paris. I wish to draw attention to his daughter. Paris has long been sought for its consideration. The servant girl's father provide a list of guests and punishes him personally invite all. Romeo is unfortunately not invited. Hiding under the mask goes with friends to a party. In the initial phase of the ball, no one recognizes intruders. But after a while Tybalt recognizes Romeo one of them. He wants to throw him, but Capulet allows him to be. Comes to the first meeting of the lovers and the first exchange of views. Late in the evening Romeo Juliet comes to the balcony. A long talk about their feelings. They know that they want to be together. Contracting is already well on the wedding day. However, Julia's parents have prepared another surprise for her, decided to give it a Parys. Meanwhile, in Verona on the square face: Tybalt, Mercutio, and Romeo Benwolio. Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel, but the sword reaches Mercutio. Unfortunately, Tybalt mortally wounds a friend of Romeo. This wanting to avenge his death, kills Tybalt. For his offense must be punished. Prince Escalus condemns him to exile. Romeo Must move to Mantua. In the meantime preparations for the wedding of Julia and Parys. She does not want to marry a young nobleman. Asks advice of Brother Lawrence. This offers her after drinking a mysterious potion which should stand her vital functions for 42 hours. During this time they enter and bury it, and Brother Lawrence Romeo notify all who will come from Mantua and welcome awakening from the lethargy Julia. Unfortunately, the ruse succeeds in 50%. Everyone believes that Juliet is dead. Closest to arrange her a splendid funeral. The death and also learns his beloved Romeo. Pharmacist buys a poison and goes to Verona. After coming to the cemetery meets Parys, who came here to strew with flowers the tomb of Juliet. Between them comes to fighting. Romeo kills himself Parys and drink poison. Dies. In the meantime, the cemetery's brother Lawrence arrives to welcome awakening, Julia, when she opens her eyes realizes that Romeo has committed suicide, Sleep remnants of poison from his mouth and pierces his dagger. Next fall dead. The death of both lovers reconciles warring clans, a memorial in the center of Verona, put two gold statues of Romeo and Juliet.
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