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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Justyna.
I am very happy because I can write for you.
my holiday was excellent, relaxing and very interesting.
I went by the sea in Kolobrzeg.
The weather was very good and sunny. By the sea blew mild wind.
The first day I swam in sea and i took sunbathe.When i swam in sea i was very happy because i was long ago in the Baltic Sea.
I was very busy meditate on, for that reason i unnotice that I outflowed.
I was be afraid.
Fortunately my dad quicked dived to sea and he rescued me.
everything were good.
i and my family walked coast of sea.
i visited my grandparents in warsaw.
i went to the shop and cinema.
when i have returned to house from my grandparents , when was ugly weather, i was read a book and watched tv.
i met my friend and we rode a bike and rollerbrades.
we went to swimingpool and we played excellently.