Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In future I will be a singer. I will be famous and very rich. Singer is a beautiful and amusing work. I will have concerts in Poland , France, England and all the world. I love music , so I choose this job.

W przyszlosci chce byc piosenkarką, Chce być znana i bardzo bogata. Piosenkarka to piękny i ciekawy zawód. Ja chce mieć koncerty w Polsce, Francji, Angli i na całym świecie.. Kocham muzykę dlatego wybrałam ten zawód.
In future I want to be, and I think I will be a (rolnik:P) breeder of hedgehogs, becouse I love hedgehogs ! I rear some hedgehogs under my bed, so I am proficient in doing this ! It is wonderfull, hedgehogs always smile at me, they`re so sweet ! My mum says, that it is stupid and it isn`t worthwile, becouse it don`t brings big gains, but it is my fondness and passion ! I love feeding hedgehogs ( I give them food in boots every friday). I hope they are happy with me ! I will be breeder of hedgehogs in future and it is now resolved, and It is finish for this topic, it hasn`t got a fallback ! It is my dream to do this, and I must fullfil this dream ! It is my passion ! Please, remember me !