Angelina Jolie, właśc. Ur ( Angelina Jolie Voight. signify to los angeles 4 june 1975 ) – american actress, ambassador of good will UNHCR and member of advice of (council of) international attitude (relation). Laureate Oscara, three globes zloty < golden > and awards of gilds of film actors. Though the first time, it has appeared on projection screen in 1982 year, exits (outlets) at flank father in movie playing searching Jona Voighta, it has started genuine film career from decade cyborg 2 later production entitled niskobudżetowej glass shadow ( 1993 ). Former form signify first in (to) role 1995 ( ) Kate Libby Hakerach. It has taken a stand in appreciated by critics next biographical movie 1997 ( ) George Wallace and in image (offense) entitled 1999 ( ) Gia. Interrupted lesson of music has received in year for fairest secondary importance actress for role in drama 2000 ( 1999 ) Jolie Oscara. It has gained international fame due to role of popular heroine of series of computer game in movie Lary Croft Lara Croft 2001 ( ) Tomb Raider. From that (those) pore (time) become one of most recognizable and hollywood best paid actresses [ 1 ]. Participation (quota) was biggest commercial progress in sensational comedy mr. & Mrs. 2005 ( ) Smith, As well as in animated cartoons entitled 2008 2 ( ) [ ] Kung Fu Panda. It has played in 2003 year in video clip for song group Did Time Korn. After two unsuccessful marriage with (from) Jonnym Lee Millerem and Billym Bobem Thorntonem, it has been related with actor 3 [ ] Jolie Bradem Pittem, three biological children has with which (who) ( Shiloh, Knoxa and ) Vivienne and three adopted ( Maddoxa, Pax and ) Zaharę. It becomes involved to humanitarian activity actively world-wide, UNO to assistance particularly within the limit uchodźcom.