Po powrocie z wakacji podróży postanowiłeś/aś napisać list do kolegi/kolezanki z zagranicy, w którym opiszesz swoje wakacje.
* Napisz, gdzie byłeś/aś na wakacjach i opisz krótko to miejsce.
* Napisz, czym podrózowałes/aś i jak długo trwała podróz.
* Opisz co robiłeś/aś na wakacjach i dlaczego podobało Ci sie miejsce, w którym przebywałes/aś.
Wyraż nadzieje, ze kiedyś jeszcze raz odwiedzisz to miejsce oraz zachęć kolege/kolezanke do wyjazdu na wakacje do miejsca, które opisales/aś



Hey there Monica,
I'm writing to tell You about my latest vacations.That was an extraordinary experience for me, because I've never been to London before.

Yes, I was in the capital city of the United Kingdom. My uncle has been living there for 10 years and he invited me to his place.London is huge and distinctive place to live in. It has many exquisite monuments of art and other cultural places worth sightseeing. Great range of choice in shops and galleries is another factor that convince me to like this city. The infrastructure is also greatly developed - the underground, unusual double-deckers and the whole congestet traffic make You think You are in a different place. My uncleJanusz had sent me a letter with the 'official' invitation and a plane ticket. And therefore I had to take my air travel for the first time too, which makes this adventure even more important to me. The filgth took no more than two hours, and so I could enjoy the meeting very quickly.
The most significant reason of my joy is that I could spend my time with my relatives. And not only could I get to know an another culture, but also my English has improved. It is a wonderful feeling.
I really hope I can visit London in the future, but I'd also like You to consider paying a visit to this magnificent place. Maybe we could even meet each other here. What do You say ?

I'm looking forward for Your reply.

Hope to see You soon,