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Guitar – musical instrument from the group stringed pulled with the soundbox, the griffin and thresholds on the fingerboard. Mainly he has 6 strings, but it is possible to come across guitars also around 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and with 12 strings. This instrument is playing an important role in the blues machine, however select instruments still are being made by hand or with a large stake of the man. Musician, which a guitar playing is a guitarist. A musician playing a bass guitar is a bass player (ewent. bass player). music, country music, flamenco, rock and in many forms of the pop. This instrument is transposing an octave lower, i.e. all recorded sounds in notes sound on the guitar octave more low (e.g. the lowest string is E large, and the musical notation is being carried out in the key wiolinowym as e). Guitars are made and repaired by violin-makers, and at present increasingly by