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threatened animals

Indian elephants live in Asia. They are very big animals. They are 6 meters long and weigh about 5 tons. They live for about 40-60 years.

Sea otters live habit in reef and rocky shores. They live in water. Excellent swimmers. They weigh about 30 kilos and they are 130 centimeters long.

Eastern gorillas live in rain forests in the central part of Africa. They weigh about 200 tons and they are 170 centremetres long. They live for about 35 years.

Dwarf hippotamus live in rainforests and swamps of western Africa. They are 140-150 centemeter long and weigh about 200 tons. They live about 35 years. They are herbivorous.

Ordinary chimpanzees live in west and central Africa in the jungles, in the arid savannahs, swamps and upland forests.
They are omnivorous. They live for about 40 years.

Tigers live in tropical forests and areas overgrown by thickets of grass, cane and bamboo. Tigers are carnivorous predators. They weigh about 300 kilos and they are 3 metres long. Well jump and swim.

Asian Assos live in the desert of Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan and India. They are 140 cm long and weigh from 200 to 350 kilos. They are herbivorous.

Equatorial penguins live exclusively on the Galapagos Islands. They are 40 cm long and weigh about 2 kilos. Adults have a black upper body, white underside. They feed on aquatic animals.

Indian Rhinoceros live in wet forest areas of Nepal and northeastern India. They are 400 cm long and weigh about 2000 kilos. On the face have only one horn.

Gorillas live in forests in Africa.They have got long arms and short legs. They eat plants.Gorillas live for about 30 years.They are black.



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