Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I would like to describe to you my day. Every day I wake up at 6:00. Then washed, dressed and eat breakfast. Then I have some time to prepare for departure. At about 7:30 I leave for school. Usually I'm at school around 7:50. Usually I have about 5-6 lekji, so I finish 12:25 or 13:25. I come home around 14:00. Eating dinner. AFTER dinner regularly do writing lessons. After school I have a free afternoon. I meet up with friends, playing with the dog or helping my parents. In the evening I relax, read a book. I watch television. After cleaning a room, packed for school, washed, and eat dinner. About 22:00 I go to sleep. Contrary to appearances, I have a very busy day!

sorry. mam tylko tyle
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