Napisz jeden dzień z życia nipełnosprawnego.
Paragraph 1: Introduction
My name's .....
Paragraph 2: How life is different
Life is a bit different for me .....
Paragraph 3: Attitudes
There are one or two things which annoy me...

My name's Rita and I've been blind since I was born. When I was younger I had to learn special skills, like reading Braille. I'm at university now, studying history.
Life is a bit different for me sometimes. For example, I have to learn new routes to different places, and I have to be really careful if the pavement isn't good. I can look after myself OK, but I need help with one or two things, such as taking notes at university. I also have a special programme on my computer. It's called a screen-reader, and it reads words on the screen to me.
There are some things which annoy me. Loud music, for example. If I'm in a place like a disco or a loud bar, I can't find people or hear them. Sometimes kids in town say stupid things about my white stick. But usually people want to help me, even when I don't need help!

Dodam tylko że wszystko trzeba napisać w osobie meskiej "He"



My name is Mark. When I was 7 I have had a carcrash. Since this time I move on wheelchair.Now, I work in a advertisement agency. I am trying to be happy. I have a wife and three children.

Life is a bit different for me sometimes. I need a special entries to a lot of places. Stairs are for me a huge obstruction. I can't help my wife as much as I want to, I can't play football with my son, I can't drive. Yesterday, for example I wanted to take my childerm to the cinema. My wheelchair fussed a lot of people.

There are some things which annoy me. People treat me like an alient. Yes, I can't walk, but I can do a lot of other things. I am good at cooking for example. I can bake better cakes that my wife. I love my work and I earn a lot. My wife is a graet dancer I am sad than I can't dance with her. Despite it, my life is not parlous. I have a dreams and I will do everything to reach my purposes.