Podczas szkolnych zawodów sportowych,w których brałaś udział doszło do nieprzewidzianego zdarzenia.
Opowiedz koleżance z zagranicy:
*co się stało
*jakie były okoliczności tego zdarzenia
*jakie były jego skutki

w czasach past simple i past continous



Last holiday I took part ina a school sports championships. Me and my team played football. We were playing and having great time together when my friend suddenly felt down.
Somebody from our opponents was very angry and pushed him.
My friend couldn"t walk and it turned out that he twisted his ancle. We had to stop our game and we went to a hospital.
It was in last summer.
I with my friends went to playground, because We wanted to play soccer.
We were playing soccer about three hours. Everybody was wery tired and then We were saw it. Two boys was kicking and beating smaller and younger from them boy. We were runed there, but when two boys saw ass they has escaped.
We asked boys why them beat him, but he can't sayed nothing because blood was boiling him mounths. We were calling to Ambulance by 5 next days boy was in hospital.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
When I took part in sports competitions, happened a something terrible. My friend overturn. This incident took place just before the finish line.
When ambulans arrived, the doctors are told us, that Anne broken her leg, but that is nothing serious.
Everything all ended well because I won a competitions and Anne didn't happen nothing serious.

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