There was great fun at the party. People were dancing, eating, laughing loudly and talking. Before a New Year everybody took a glass with champagne to one's hands and we toasted. (aczkolwiek ladniej brzmi: Before a New Year we raised our glasses with champaigne.) After that everybody expressed one's wishes.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was in a funny birthday . My best friend on 14 May has birthday and she has invited me ,of course . I must buy present . I did not look on prices, I tackled store that be with (from) simply, it has has proceeded my fairest because it is my best friend . It has come on it from several days day - performance birthday. I have arrived on birthdays on end almost as of right as I must be as dress up . When I have entered to threshold, it has choked me as it was people outsized. I danced, I danced, my legs have protested in certain moment already and I must sit. Time has come on how (as) on cussedness on unpacking present Olga, I have relaxed with relief, because I saw for (after) its (her) face, that it pleases her . Farthest part of performance has has proceeded not observable, it was go home regret. Never forgot this birthday , there was excellently !

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