Write a decription of an old person's childchood.

Choose a person, e.g. your grandmother or a neighbour. Write
questions to ask about his/her childhood.

:when he/she was born :where he/she lived :family :television :school :weekends :films :music

Interview the person. Make notes.

lived in small flat - no central heating - small tv - didn`t have a computer

Look at the texts again. Write a similar description.

His name is Martin and he was born in london in 1939. They lived in ...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Her name is Genowefa.She was born in Młynary in 1944.They lived in small hause.Shes had one sister and four brather.She went to small willage school.
When she was a child in Poland anybothy had a television or computer but
she had a happy childhood.
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