Opisz po angielsku każdą klęskę żywiołową:
1. drought- susza
2. storm- burza
3. flood- powódź
4. avalanche- lawina
5. tornado- tornado;)
6. earthquake- trzęsienie ziemi
7. fire- pożar

O każdej klęsce trzeba napisać 1-2 zdania.
Bardzo proszę o pomoc.( i proszę nie kopiować od innych osób)
Wybieram naj.



6.) Earth quake that generated the rapid discharge of stress in the crust during the movement pieces of lithosphere. Recently, such a catastrophe happened in Haiti.
1) There are three types of drought. It is the atmospheric drought, soil drought, physiological drought.
2) The storm is different lightning. Usually after a storm arises in the sky screen.
3) Flooding is a very harmful phenomenon. Summer of 2009, there were a lot of these atmospheric phenomena.
4) There are many types of avalanches.
5) Otherwise tornado tornado that can destroy everything encountered on the road.
7) Causes of fire are very numerous. Just inattention, that in a few seconds something stood in the flames of fire.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. A drought is a very long period without any rainfalls. A drought increases a probability of fire appearance.

2. During a storm there are a lot of rainfalls and hail falls. During a storm there also appear thunderbolts.

3. During a flood water in rivers, seas or other water basins raises. It causes inundation of huge land areas.

4. An avalanche is caused by snow, ice or soil slumping from mountain slopes. It can be very dangerous for people and buildings.

5. Tornado is an instantly spinning air column. Tornado sucks different objects inside.

6. An earthquake is caused by tectonic plates moves. It causes ground vibrations and creates big waves.

7. A fire is an uncontrolled spread of fire in places not intended for it. A fire can be caused for example by people or thunderbolts.