Podczas pobytu w szkole językowej w Londynie zgubiłeś plecak. Napisz ogłoszenie :
-Napisz, gdzie zostawiłeś plecak,
-opisz wygląd plecaka ,
-napisz co w nim sie znajdowało ,
-napisz , w jaki sposób można sie z tobą skontaktować .




Attention! I've lost my backpack. I left him in the school canteen. It was red, with small pockets and key chains secured to the lock. Were in the books for grades sixth and blue pencil. If someone finds it, please contact the following number: ( napisz jakiś numer ;d )
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During his last lesson in London I had lost backpack. It is not great. Color is green with black pockets. I could probably leave it close to the cultural monument-Big Ben. The backpack containing all my important documents including passport, identity card, a booklet of health and school ID card, wallet with money and souvenirs.
Contact - telephone number .......... and e-mile .........
advance very warmly thank
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I have lost my knapsack. I am tourist and I do not know very too where I could leave him . My rucksack has red pockets and has blue color the rest of material. They were placed in it keys to my houses, briefcase ask , school identification card i.t.p. If I ask honest my knapsack under number call 51518393 . Thanks .

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