Poproszę kilka zdań !
- 2 zdania z surgery - gabinet lekarski
- 5 zdań z Swiss - Szwajcar
- 3 zdania z unwrap - rozpakować
- 4 zdania z cincidence - zbieg okoliczności
- 3 zdania z caravan - przyczepa kempingowa
- 2 zdania z get away from sthg - oderwać się od czegoś
- 3 zdania z coastline - linia brzegowa
- 2 zdania z solemn - uroczysty obiad




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. That surgery is located in the hospital on the second floor.
2. Mr Smith had a very bad accident in his surgery yesterday.

1. That Swiss is very helpful.
2. Have you heard, that a Swiss living on Baker Street was taken to the hospital two days ago?
3. Will you give your Swiss a gift?
4. Have you ever meet any Swiss in your life?
5. What do you think of inviting that sweat Swiss to our home?

1. Have you already unwrapped your present?
2. When I unwrapped the box, a huge clown jumped out of it.
3. Unwrapping gifts can be very exciting.

1. I think that was only a cincidence.
2. Have you heard that? Ann has crashed her car and she claims that was a cincidence.
3. The policeman explain, that the accident was a cincident.
4. Everyone said that this defeat wasn't a cincident.

1. Mark's caravan has fallen over a precipice.
2. Have you ever lived in a caravan?
3. It isn't my caravan! I have never had one.

1. I couldn't get away from computer for ten hours.
2. I get away from learning without any pangs of conscience.

1. A ship was going around a coastline for an all day.
2. A coastline will be distorted if waves remain so strong.
3. We were sitting near a coastline.

1. We met together and ate a solemn yesterday.
2. Our solemn went very well.