Napisz recenzję filmu, który ostatnio oglądałaś lub który jest grany obecnie w kinach. Użyj zwrotów:
-The film is set in..
-it is based on ...
-the film was directed by ..
-it stars..
-the cast include...
-it tells the story of... the part of..
-the main character..
-i recommend the film to anyone who likes...
-the film is interesting/boring because...

proszę żeby ta recenzja była napisana w prostym czasie nie złożonym . nie za długa ale tez nie krótka .;p i nie ściągnięta z internetu . ;) daje naj.!!



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I want to recommend film called Love in New York,which I've seen last weekend in cinema.The film sets in New York.It isn't based on true story.It was directed by John McCook-famous director,who was looking for good actors like Emily Glace.It is love story and tells story about a girl called Mary who has just arrived to New York to look for job.When she found good job she fell in love with her boss, who was engaged with another women.Emily Glace plays the part of Mary and Tom Ross plays Mary's boss.They are also main characters.
I want to recommend that film to anyone who likes a love stories and shiver of emotion.
The film is very interesting because we don't know what may happended so we have to see it to the end.
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Some time ago, along with friends from school, I went to the premiere of "The Tales of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." The film was based on a famous series of fantasy novels for children and youth, by CS Lewis. Was directed by Andrew Adamson. It has long been expected date on which the movie was released. I am a great lover of the literary original. When I learned that it was his film adaptation, I decided to learn as quickly as possible to the exact date and time of the first screening of the film in a cinema in my town. Ticket, I managed to book a month in advance to participate in the screening also persuaded a few colleagues. We had a great location, in the last row, in front of the big screen. On the chair next to me, no one was sitting, but there was a huge pile of chips and salt sticks, which have provided in the entrance to the great hall, designed for viewers. Everyone waited with great enthusiasm to the first film sceny.Akcja "Tales of Narnia ..." takes place on two levels. Initially, we become witnesses of the events that take place during the Second World War in England. We meet the main characters: Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund, teenage siblings who came to live in the difficult years 1939-45. Live in one of the major cities of the country, we do not know exactly where. One day, after another bombing of a German mother sends them for security purposes to his relative in the country. Young heroes hit the care of a mysterious uncle, residing huge and very old house, its appearance resembling a palace. To overcome the prevailing provincial boredom, days spent in various games and amusements common. One immediately, while goofing around in the attic, there are a large, antique wardrobe. It turns out that the door of a transition to a parallel world. After a short deliberation, the characters decide to choose a journey "to the other side." So goes to Narnia, the land of fairy elves and satyrs, which is governed by magic. Since then, their lives become one big adventure soon turns out that the presence of children in a fantastic reality does not quite so random ...

So much for the content of the film. More you will learn while watching "The Chronicles of Narnia ...". I think that the director had written a great job. A similar opinion was also my colleagues. The plot did not differ from the work presented in the literature, the authors did not introduce any innovation, for its part, affecting the composition or subject matter of the action. Are presented sensationally Narnia society. These include all sorts of goblins and creatures, some very funny and sympathetic, others ironically and behaving maliciously. Among them can distinguish three states: the nobility, knights, and the average people. Events are presented in a very dynamic, great applause among the specialists who carried out a different approach. Photos are masterfully executed, show a very beautiful scenery: mountains and wooded landscape of Narnia, whose fortunes have been made against a foreground. Especially noteworthy are their costumes, which are replaced in a fairytale land. They are sewn with a delicate material resembling silk, colorful and well tailored. I was really into a game actors. The whole is really worth seeing .
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