Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Ok, so jesli nie dajesz info co to ma byc za sport to od dzis Twoim ulubionym sportem jest siatkowka ;)

My favourite sport is volleyball, which is team sport. There are to teams, one ball and net dividing playground into two parts. One team, using their hands, has to hit ball to this another team's field and they can't let the ball to touch the ground. Otherwise the first team wins. If you want to play volleyball, you have to be fast and concentrate.
I often play it at school, or after school when I have much time and there is enough players. It's good sport when you are angry and want to lose your energy. You can hit the ball as hard as you want, but you have to look out, if you don't cross the line of the field your opponents. If you do, you will lose scores.
Volleyball isn't only summer sport. If you have place somewhere under the roof, you can play for all year. That's the best in this sport, I think.
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