Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Firstly, let's get a few things sorted before I begin my
trip report, I've been an avid shroom and weed enthusiast
for a few years now. I've had some spectacular and
positively life altering/affirming trips,
and all it took for this good streak to end was one horrible
glimpse of a hell I denied existed.

It started with the ingestion of roughly 3.5 grams of
shrooms. My friend (we'll call T) did some too, and my other
friend (we'll call S) was just observing (he will later
serve the purpose of 'sitter', a term I never knew had value
until this trip). It was a fast onset, and a somewhat
pleasant amount of seeing things breathe/shift/flow whilst
feeling that euphoria at the pit of your stomach. So far,
everything I felt was something to expect from a typical
shroom trip, so I was calm and enjoying it. Me and my two
friends walked to the park, everything outside looked
amazing, like I said, it was a typical shroom trip, very
enjoyable, euphoric, nostalgic, affirming, etc.

In the woods, I lit up a joint, T declined, and S gave up
that habit years ago of his own accord. So it was just me. I
zoned out a bit and hardly realized that I had half the
joint, when my intention was just to have a couple quick
hits. As we walked back approaching the house, everything
around me went from mystical and unique to bland and fake. I
saw patterns in the trees and grass and dirt that suggested
this reality was formed in such a typical fractal way that
we already knew. Reality itself was something I was seeing
unfold in ways that wouldn't cater to the human
bewilderment, it was a very nervous epiphany to understand
the formation of existence we consider a great mystery. The
mystery was gone, served up in a multitude of answers
presented as garbled metalese. This was no delusion, it was
an absolution so powerful that my brain could not wrap
around it.I could already tell that by the time we got back to the
house, my trip would finally go beyond my comfort zone, my
grasp and managability I always took for granted. We got
upstairs to S' room. I started to feel alot of anxiety. I
didn't know what I wanted, I continued to pace around the
house, sitting and lying in random places, trying to
maintain my composure. Eventually I lost many of my
functions, drinking water became difficult, relaxing became
impossible. I was becoming very tense, my joints were
seizing up. The open/closed eye visuals grew to such an
intensity I felt a profound sense of being lost. With my
other trips, I would see the most amazing visuals, patterns
forming and shapes contorting, but these visuals were much
different, they were screaming faces, faces that wouldn't
leave me alone. It grew to the point where my actions geared
into a survival mechanism, a final option I knew I had to
take, I told S to hold my hand, hoping that human contact
would get me through it. To say it helped would be a joke,
but to say it didn't help would be even more of a joke.

The intensity continued to grow, I vaguely remember wanted
to be knocked out, all I wanted more than anything else was
for the trip to end, for me to just fall asleep and wake up
better again. This is the first time I felt time dilation.
Time dilation was always a concept I found intriqueing, but
with my past trips, it was just a notion I liked to think
about. It is horrible. I forgot how to breathe, urinate,
beat my heart. I repeated told S (still holding my hand) to
tell me to breathe in a mantric way, just to remind me of
the basic motor functions I was feeling slip away. I was
seeing and understanding patterns of how time forms and it's
delicate system of duration. One breathe in and out was an
eternity of mechanical workings, represented through
realizations impossible to translate into any known form of
language. The patterns of screaming hellish faces began to
envelop me. I tried so hard to sleep and wouldn't let my
friend let .
...[PROSZE O NAJ!:)]...