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Mój wymarzony dom powinien być wielki. Najlepiej w odcieniach brązu z wielkim ogrodem. Do domu powinna prowadzić kamienna dróżka. Dom powinien mieć najmniej dwa piętra. Dach mógłby być w kolorze ciemnobrązowym. W ogrodzie znajdowałby się plac zabaw, wielki skalniak obsadzony różnymi kolorowymi kwiatami. Wnętrze domu musiałoby być przestronne. Na górze domu znajdowałyby się sypialnie i łazienka. Na dole wielki salon, kuchnia połączona z jadalnią, pokój gościnny, kolejna łazienka itd. Sypialnie powinny mieć w sobie garderoby, wielki taras i tapety w kolorze niebieskim lub zielonym.

My ideal house must be large. As good as possible in the ebbs of bronze with a large garden. A stone path must conduct to the house. A house must have two floors the least. A roof would be in a color by an umber. There would be an area of merriments in a garden, large flowerbed, planted around by the different coloured flowers. The interior of house must was be spacious. On a mountain a house there would be bedrooms and bath. Down large salon, kitchen, related to the dining-room, hospitable world, next bath etc. Bedrooms must have in itself cloak-rooms, large terrace and wallpapers in a color blue or green.
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Has always been a wonderful home for me, I will never forget. I lived there with his brother and mother. It was a small manor house near Warsaw. We lived there very well. Frankly we are not missing anything. Before our house was a wonderful garden, where flowers were beautiful. It took care of my mom as always "connected" with nature. Seated next to him was warzywniak with various vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, beets, etc.
My room was wonderful. Colored walls, a tiny library, beautiful coffee table and a comfortable bed. From the windows I had a wonderful view of the garden and the sun wlewało to it constantly. ... Guests often assumed, because they were our support during the hard days. People have always admired our manor house, and we sincerely envied him. This house was a paradise for me. Paradise, where everything was beautiful and good.
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