What is the best job you can think of? Write three reasons.
- close to home
- it's a shift work

What is the worst job you can think of? write three reasons.
- bad-paid
- far from home
- boring
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. It's photographer, cause:
- it's well paid job
- you can be creative
- he gets to know a lot of people

2. It's teacher, cause:
- students don't listen to him/her
- he/she must prepare and correct tests
- he must stay after lessons
Zad 1

-Work in office (praca w biurze)

-Work in hotel on position of chief ( praca w hotelu na stanowisku kierownika)

-Work in hospital (praca w szpitalu)

Zad 2

- work in school ( praca w szkole)

-Work in store (praca w sklepie)

-Cashier (kasjerka)