My best friend is ...... . We always talk at school and after school. She/He's good/bad student. She/He doesn't like Maths but she/he's likes Polish. ...... is honest and untidy. We always laugh together. She/He's very friendly and patient. ....... is helpful and she/he gives lessons for me when I sick.

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My the best friend is Marta. She is 15 years old. She is very beautiful and clever. She has got dark, straight and long hair. Marta is very slim.
She has got brown eyes. She isn't wearing glasses.
She hasn't got a tatto. Marta is cheerful, smiling, friendly and clever. She has got a small dog. The dog is Pusia called.
She loves singing and dancing. She hate playing volleyball.
She like playing football. She's interested in a music and theatre.
Marta is my friend, bacause she's helpful. Together we are having a nice time.
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My best friend is Ania. We are known already 6 years . Has hair fair and big, blue eyes. It are liked to teach and learn, it is fairest in class, so, it helps me always, if I do not know or not remember . It does not like sophisticated people and fastidious. It is very labor, so, it likes when everything there is for its thought. Shopping with Ania is very funny and I like her make, as it counsels me always, it says when something pleases her and when it does not please. I very like my best friend and I would exchange on no other .

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