Napisz list do kolegi, że jesteś na wakacjach w Hiszpanii.
- gdzie się zatrzymałeś
- jaka jest pogoda
- co robisz w wolnym czasie
- jakie jest wyżywienie
- podaj powód dla którego musisz zakończyć list

Ma to być napisane w czasie PRESENT CONTINUOUS
List ma zawierać od 120 do 150 słów..... pomóżcie



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Peter !
I'm writting from sunny Spain !
I'm spending my vacations in Barcelona. It's beautiful place, I love it so much.
I'm here with my parents and sister, we are sleeping in a huge hotel near the sea ! The weather is really good, everyday is sunny. I'm here since Sunday and I'll be here for two weeks. That's so cool.
Food is delicious, I'm just eating a salmon. I have a lot of free time, I'm swimming, diving, sunbathing, sightseeing.. because Barcelona is the old, spanish city with really interesting history.
Tomorrow I'm going to Aquarium, and I will se dolphins !
I wanna tell you more, but my mum is shouting because we are going to the beach, and my parents are waiting for me.
I'll show you my photos from this travel when I'll be back home.
Greatings and kisses !:D
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Hi, Jack

As you already know, I went to Spain two days ago. I am staying in Barcelona in a very nice and cheap hotel in the suburb. In my room there is a comfortable bed and a big bathroom. The weather is great. In the sky there aren't any clouds and the sun is shining all the time. Here is very hot. In my free time I'm generally sightseeing, because here is a lot of places to visit, for example Sagrada Familia, but I'm also sunbathing and swimming in local pools. In the hotel there is wonderful exotic food included in the room price. I can eat whatever I want. Unfortunately I have to finish writing, because my bas will come very soon.

Love, XYZ
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Hi Jack!
How are you? I hope you are fine. I am sorry that I have not written for so long, but I have been very busy!
You do not believe me, but now I am in Spain on my holidays with my parents! I am staying in small hotel in village. The weather is great! It is sunshine.
In free time I am swimming and reading. I am playing football and tennis with my dad. Sometimes I am sightseeing the Madrid, because it is near to my village.
The food is good. I like their wine and seafood.
This is all for now, because I must go for a dinner.
I hope to hear from you soon about your holidays!
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