I have gone to Paris on vacations last year, I have issued excursion on it all my austerity, I have earned which in former year. I think , that there will be wonderfully,I think that char on beach , I will learn great somebody and I will be instructed local language. I was mistaken and it very. Ride on start instead of at window, I ride circle of fellow, which smoked without break and it sipped drinks. However, I did not heed such thing to be on on place simply want already. I was mistaken , as instead of for Paris for Berlin approach. It has surprised me, however, it has reached it , that it aircraft can that want board for . Yhhh... I Never go on excursion already, spend will with closest persons it 2 months, than after some not known city .

Proszę najjj : **
It happened one year ago in very hot summer. I packed all my bags and I went to station to go at sea by train. Nothing portended such a disaster. At the station there were waiting all my friends who want to go with me: Jack, Monica and Bob. After a while our train drove away. After few hours the train was driving through a dark forest. Suddenly, the train shook and grated loudly. It was so annoying sound that I covered my ears with my hands. The train stopped. After a while somebody ran into our carriage and shouted that an engine had exploded and we couldn't continue driving. Resigned and very unhappy we went toward a road and decided to wait until someone take us with him. Very tired we reached the destination late in the evening. Next day we were going at sea but unfortunately the weather changed and there was a huge storm. Waves were very big so we couldn't swim. The bad conditions remained and even sightseeing was terrible. It was the worst holiday I have ever been on.
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