Witam Potrzebuje przykładowego listu aby odpowiadał na wszystkie pytania w adaniu i był zgodny z jego treścią z góry bardzo dziękuje za odpowiedź daje 80 pkt;].
Imagine that you met a person on holiday.Write a letter.Use the expressions in exercise 6.Think about these things:
*Where did you both meet?
*What were you both doing?
*What have you done since your holiday?
*What do you want to ask the person?
*What are your plans for the summer?
*What do you have to do now?
zadanie.6.(trzeba wykorzystać wyrażenia z zadania 6 tak że przepisze zadanie 6 zaznaczam iż chodzi mi o wypełnienie zadania 7)
Zad.6.Match expressions 1-4 with uses a -d
1 Where shall I start? 3 What about you ?
2 What else? 4 Well, I must go.

3-a when we ask a person about their news.
1-b when we are thinking of what to write at the beginning of a letter.
4-c when we are going to finish the letter.
2-d when we are trying to think of more news.



Hi Jonathan!
Long time, no see. It’s seems so long since our visit to Barcelona. I wonder if you still remember me. Actually, I’ve changed a lot, you might not recognize me. Well, were should I start? I have short blond hair now and I stopped working as a shop-assistant. I’ve listened to you and I’m finally following my dreams. After some time I plucked up the courage and finally sent my photos to lots of places. Loads of people answered. I was shocked. I have a really good job now. And it’s all thanks to you. I’m a new person now. Well, what about you? I hope you haven’t changed a bit. Actually I’m writing in hope that you will find some time and we can meet up sometime. Can you tell me when you will be in England?
Well, I have to go now. I’m so busy nowadays.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Love, Kate.
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