Hi Alu. Last time you have asked me have described in order to it my chamber she she have described my chamber in order to it and I ask very. But it promise that you will describe chamber after return from india me. But I begin rally.

My chamber presents , place, I is felt in which safely, my small world is placed in which . Big are seen on foreground surpassing he door, extensive bed, occupying right wall chamber . Corner, or after right part of chamber my drawing placed stolik, it is different kind paints of brushes and draw. Desk is prepared for science under window urgently always. Basket is placed on its table top kredek, among others, several reminders brought from journey huge shell from above sea, miniature of tower from paris Eiffla as well as wood figurine of senior shepherd from mountains . Case is opened always almost , for school preparing if I throw out tonne of dress from she sorting „ ”, then, I lay which busily. There is presenting decoration chamber awfully and to different part brandished. Windowsill is full receive from grandmother on birthdays collection of wood cat which . Big calendar hangs on doors with beautiful views.place presents circle of bed in my small homestead night desk, mess reigns on which continuously. Thrown about books, magazines, even and cards build this exquisite disarray for game. Poster hangs over couch Fergie and mass of postcard from vacations. Integrity implements orange color, they have been painted on that wall . I like chamber and I spend time willfully in it.

Mum that I has not bored you and I salute. It remember about chamber. For seeing. And I look forward to hearing
miejsce, data
Hello !
I salute you on this start of letter cordially. They write for you, in order to tell it as my chamber (peace) looks presently.
I had refurnishing week ago. There is a bed next to the right wall. There is a bedside table next to the bed. There is a desk next to the bedside table. There is a flower next to the bed. There is a bookcase opposite the flower. next to the bookcase is chest of drawers. opposite chest of drawers is the warodrobe. opposite the bedsite table is the door. Over the bedsite table is window.
My room is very cosy. I like them and I can relax there.
Please, describe your room for me.


( liczę na naj ) ;))

Cześć Sam!

Mój pokój jest piękny i ma zielone ściany. Dywan jest w kolorze kremowym. Biurko też.. Moje szafy są białe. Krzesło również. Mam też komputer i telewizor. Lampa jest jasno żółta. Mój pokój jest piękny. Na moim zielono żółtym łóżku jest beżowy kocyk. Firanki są jasne i przeźroczyste! Bardzo lubię swój pokój.
Twój kolega
........ ( wpisz imie)

Hello Sam!

My room is beautyful and have green wall. Carpet is in colour cream. Desk too... My furniture is white. Chair too. I have computer and TV too. Lamp is yellow. My room is beautyful.
On the my green bad is beige blanket. Net curtains are bright. I very like my room.

Love from
You friend
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