Hey Mark!
At the beginning of my letter I greet you cordially! In a recent letter I wrote you that my older brother is derived, and will his room. Now I can not wait to this.
The room is on the first floor in my house. It is green-blue with yellow palms. Through the large window you can see the main road in our city. The window is a small desk. Beside him stands a large couch on which to sleep. In the second corner of the room facing my bed. The floor is wooden, the walls hung a lot of posters and paintings. Over the window hangs a red curtain and blind cream. At the middle of the room stands a table, where do writing lessons.
I hope you like my new room. Waiting for your next letter. Yours ( wpisz swoje imię)
In this letter I want you to know how my room looks. When you enter the room on the opposite wall you will see a big window. Above the window there is hanging down a floral curtain. Below the window there is a white steel radiator. On the left side there is a sofa surrounded with a wardrobe and a bookcase. Walls in my room are orange and the floor is tiled. When you turn around, you will see a desk and a notebook.