Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My perfect school
My school is situated on the lake. I go to school twice a week and I am there all day long. I start school at 8 o'clock and I finish school at 8 p.m. My school is very big. It has got ground floor and two floor. On the ground floor is five classrooms. We learn there maths, humanities, music, ART and Sciences. On the first floor is teachers room and four classrooms. On the second floor is a big swimming and tennis court. We go there on the P.E. My school has a spacious attic. There is library with new books. I go there very oft. On the roof is rink. In my school is five class. We are at equal age. Teachers are creative, fair and cooperative. They can motivate. Curriculum is good clever. We never be bored. In front of school are three ground. We play in Volleyball, Football and Basketball. We've got little lessons, but we learn a lot. That is my ideal school!