Przeżyłeś ostatnio nieprzyjemny incydent podczas podróży. W licie do kolegi z zagranicy:
*poinformuj czym i dokąd pojechałeś
*opowiedz co się stało i co wtedy robiłeś
*powiedz jakie były konsekwencje tego zdarzenia i jak sobie z nimi poradziłeś
*wyraź nadzieję że twojemu koledze nic takiego się nie przytrafi i udziel mu rady.
Długość listu powinna wynosić od 120 do 150 słów.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi, Jack
I'm writing to you because I want to tell you about an accident which happened to me two days ago. I was driving my car from the shop and I was going home. All my shopping I packed to the boot. Near my home I heard a police hoot. I stopped at shoulder and a policeman got out the car and he came up to my car. He asked me to show him my documents and open the boot. He looked in it and after a while he started shouting and aimed his gun at me. I have never been so terrified as then. The policeman took me out from my car and put my hands in chains. Then, he threw me into the police car. I didn't know what the proplem was. I asked him about it, and he said something about drugs, but for me everything became clear: in the shop I bought flour, that had to spill out from a packet. What did I do? I explained everything in the police station. A police test proved, that I was right. I hope that an accident like that will never happen to you. Let me give you an advice: don't put flour into your car boot.
Love, XYZ
Hi Mark!
Thanks for your letter which arrived yesterday. I feel quite well but I still can't forget about unpleasure sittuation which had happened to me. Let me tell you about it.
I was travelling by bus to London when some guys who were sitting next to me started to behave very rude. Nobody was brave enought to tell them that they shouldn't treat the other passangers that way. People were scared. I was a little scared to, but when they started to bully a group of teenage girls I decided to do something. I said that I want them to stop it right now. They reacted strangely because they started to laught. I replayed what I've said before. Then they stopped to laught and one of them hit me. In fact he didn't do me any harm, but he twisted his wrist. That was the and of their bad behaviour. So Mark, I had to tell you that I was really proud of myself. I'm telling you- it's good to be good.