First i'm travelling across Europe in a bus. Then i'm flying to china.After thet , i'm climbing up Mount Everest.Then i'm flying to Singapore in a plana . From there, i'm saliing to california by boat, Then i'm flying to Florida in a ballon.After that, i'm sailing across the Atlantic to Africa in a boat.Finally, i'm driving home to London in a car.




Ferst ajm trałeling akros jurop in a bas. den ajm flajing tu czajna. after dat, ajm klajmbing ap mont everest. den ajmn flajing tu singapur in a plejn. from der ajm saling tu kalifornia baj bołt. den ajm flajing tu florida in a balun. after dat ajm sajling akros de atlantic tu afrika in bołt. fajnali ajm drajwing hołm tu london in a kar
Ferst, aj em czrawelling akros jurop in e bas. Den aj em flajing tu czajna. After dat, aj em klambing ap mont everest. Den aj em flajing tu singapurr in e planaa. Fromm der, aj em sljing tu kalifornia baj bout, den aj em flajing tu flaoruda in e ballun. After det, aj em sajing akros de atlantic tu afrika in e bout. Finalley, aj em dzrajwing hołm tu london in e kar.
Ferst ajm traweling akros Jurop in e bas. Den ajm flaing tu Czajna. After dat ajm klajming ap Mont Everest. Den ajm flaing Singapur in e plejn. From der ajm sejling tu Kalifornia baj szip. Den ajm flaing tu Florida in e balun. After dat ajm sejling akros de Atlantik tu Afrika in e bout. Fajnali ajm drajwing tu hom in London in e kar.