Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My typical day starts when I usually get up about half past six and go to bathroom. There I wash my teeth and wash face. After that I go to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I always go to the bus stop at seven o?clock. When I go to school I stay there until half past two(sometimes I stay at school longer). After school I go home and have dinner .After dinner I often learn and do my homework. After homework I do different housework for example: very often I go to the shop, do hovering or cleaning. Then I play computer games, surf the Internet or I play in games on my mobile, read a book or watch television. Usually these actions don?t take me lots of time. In the evening I and my parents always sit to the meal. After meal I have a bath, wash my teeth and go to the bed. This is my typical, usual day.