Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Z załącznika nr 1:
1. The description of Blackpool in the past is in paragraph number 2.
The writer use in 1800's tense.
2. The description of Blackpool in the present is paragraph number 3.
Is used the present time.
3. The writer in the introduction give information about live in Backpool.
4. The writer i the conlusion inclube infotmation about tourist and a lot of atractions in Blackpools sea.
5. I can read that article in a guide or in the Internet.
Z załącznika nr 2 :
1. There are really busy streets in my town.
2. There are huge shoppin centre. I like very much walking to this centre.
3. Here we are a few small cafes in my town.
4. There are small theatres. Ilike walking to this theatre.
5. Here we have fantastic nightclub. On saturday I'm going to this nightclub with my friends.

Wydaje mi sie że to ma byc tak :D