Write a questionnaire to find out what people
liked to watch on TV when they were children.
Include questions about the following:
• how many hours of TV they watched
• favourite programmes
• hated programmes
• scary programmes
• after school / weekend programmes



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
person- hi.
reporter- I am taking a questionaire to find out what people liked to watch when they were children.
reporter-my first question is- how many hours of TV did you watch?
person- I think about 30 minutes everyday.
reporter- Second question- What was your favorite programme?
person- Tom and Jerry.
reporter- What kind of programmes did you not like?
person-Hannah Montana.
reporter-How about scary programmes?
person- I do not like scary programmes.
• how many hours of TV they watched
How many hours do you watch tv every day?
• favourite programmes
what's your favourite programme?

• hated programmes
Which progeammes do you hate?

• scary programmes
Do you watch scary programmes?

• after school / weekend
When do you usually watch tv? After school or at the weekend?