Cześć! Błagam was pomóżcie mi zrobić odpowiedzi po angielsku do pytań z tekstu:
"Crazy Detectives"
Holmes:Clueless! Please come here now! Last night some burglars broke into the house of the most famous and most important person in England and stole all are things in it.
Clueless: I'm on my way! We're the best detectives in England. Well, you're better than me, but together we can find these burglars.
Clueless: what did the burglars steal?
Holmes: They stole some vacuable jewels and expensive clothes.
Clueless: Were the jewels more vacuable than the Queen of England's jewels?
Holmes: Well, no, but they were more colorfol.
Clueless: Were the clothes more expensive than the Queen's clothes?
Holmes: No, but they were more fashionable.
Holmes:And they stole the furniture, paintings and books.
Clueless: Were they valuable too?
Holmes: Well, no, but they were the most interesting books and paintings in London. And the furniture was very comfortable.
Clueless: Wow! This burglary in worse than I thought.
Clueless: OK. Let's start the investigation. We must find some clues so we can catch these thievs. First, whose house was it?
Holmes: Clueless, you are the worst detective in the world!

I teraz do tego pytania.

1. Why did Holmes telephone Clueless?
2.When did the burglars break into the house?
3.What did the burglars steal?
4. Were the clothes expensive?
5.Was the furniture valuable?
6. Where was the burglary?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Holmes telephoned to the Clueless because he has been stolen and he wanted to come to him.
2. The burglars broken into the house last night.
3. The burglars stole some vacuable jewels, expensive clothes, the furniture, paintings and books
4. No there weren't but they were more fashionable.The Queen's clothes were more expensive.
5. The furniture was confortable.
6. The Cluless is the best detectives in England and he can find these burglars.
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