Sorting is making a mess, buying cosmetics not tested on animals, using one bag instead of each time in the shop of taking next plastic, using electronic devices energy-efficient, one should support environmentalists in action consisting in the arm-twisting to governments of individual states, one should back shares of planting trees up, he belongs "to improve" in your house finish saying the thermal insulation and the ventilation, one should avoid overheating rooms for winter - one-time neat going flat is conserving far more energy than the window all the time opened or the draughty window, it is necessary to return into containers of the food e.g. glass which a lot of times it is possible to use, to regard the nature as many defenders we should eat fewer hamburgers - growing consuming the beef causes the felling of forests and establishing pastures of cattle into their place, putting dating clothes on around natural of fibres as: cotton.
We must protect the environment by recycling, or sorting garbage. Should participate in the actions of cleaning the world. Should save the light, water. We must not use plastic bags, to kindle fire in the forest or use deodorant spray on.