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My favorite holiday is Christmas because the family members are divided on the wafer and at the same time forget about unpleasant moments, which have experienced and offer to each other with gifts.
a tak to wygląda po polsku : moim ulubionym świętem jest Boże narodzenie ponieważ w tym dniu członkowie rodziny dzielą się opłatkiem i jednocześnie zapominają o niemiłych chwilach, których doświadczyli oraz ofiarują sobie nawzajem prezenty

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Period of holiday of christmas it time (sometimes) full magic, charm, joy become attached to and beautiful (fine) < beauty >. Time of granting of dream and cares display (turning out) mutually and love. It to these days, in (to) christmas tree zapatrzeni roziskrzoną, we discover meaning of life to our smiling close faces. It simultaneously exactly holy < holiday >, as no other, they incline for musing , intending (musing) and memories. They remember us at table about inevitability of elapsing “ empty (hollow) place ”, images (offenses) become attached to christmas carol with which (who) invoke sing, we were divided opłatkiem, but does not have which (who) connect among we in joy of resurrection already … christmas and pain rozłąki. And so it holy < holiday > so factorial < strong > przezywamy and they signify for we all of so much.
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