Hello (imię koleżanki)
I've got so much to tell you. Last weekend I went out with Brandon to a restaurant, and it was really funny! This restaurant is really fancy, and Brandon was wearing a star wars t-shirt. Everyone was staring at him, but he really didn't care about it. Even when he tripped trying to take my coat, which made everyone laugh. Well I didn't care much about it neither, but he forgot to take his wallet and I had to pay for everything. When we were leaving I didn't know what should I do, cry or laugh? I said goodbye to him, and left immiedately. When I was half-way home he catch up with me. Wonder how, but he gave me all the money I payed in restaurant. He walked me home, and that's how date ended. I'm waiting for your quick answer. Lots of love, (Twoję imię)