Przeczytaj poniższy tekst , a następnie każdemu fragmentowi (1-4) przyporządkuj odpowiedni nagłówek (A-E).Jeden nagłówek został podany dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnego fragmentu.

1 . ...............
making a good tv programmes needs a lot of preparation.
first of all , the producers need to find out what different viewers want to see.
Everyone has their own idea of what a good programme is.
2. ............
in order to satisfy different needs , producers create specialist tv channels, like eurosportfor fans of sport , Discovery Travel and Living for those interested in other countries or cartoon network for children. There are plenty of them and everybody can find something interesting.
3. ............
the producer also plan the tv programmes so that people with different interests get their shows - films - documentaries or other favourites - at different times. one kind of programme sholdn't have more time than any other .
4. ...........
Sometimes that there is only one TV set in a family, and everyone wants to watch a different programme at the same time. then it's better to choose something that everyone the family enjoys.And this may be the definition of a 'good' programme - something that attracts viewers of all ages.

A The right balance.
B Variety of Tv channels.
C Choosing new programmes.
D Various interests of viewers.
E What a 'good' programme really is.

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