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11. Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone?
13. What can you say about crime in your area?
14. Do you think exams are just a way of assessing a student’s knowledge?
23.Violence nowadays.
25.What can we do to protect environment?
26.Should children be allowed to have pets?



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11.There many advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. It's good because you can be in touch with everyone all the time. You can also use many various functions of the phones like for example a calculator or an alarm clock. You can contact with each person you want any time you want. That's great! Modern models have also got cameras. It's unbelievable that phoning is only one of many other functions of them. On the other hand one of the disadvantages is a harmful radiation that they produce. Another disadvantage is danger of addiction. Many people especially young are addicted of it.

13. I think that it's not too bad about crime in my area. Of course it sometimes happens some little steals but never anything more. I can say that my area is one of the safest in the region. It's thanks to the Police that protect our safety in days and nights. They execute their job very well (in my area at least). I'm proud that I can safe in the day and in the night. It happens very rarely. In my area there is only prison which has a lot of free spaces. It shows that crime in my area almost doesn't exist. All other parts of our country should take an example from us. Then whole our country would be safer.

23. Violence has a lot of symptoms nowadays. It very often happens even among children. Kids in kindergarten beat weaker children and it's time when people meet with violence for the first time in life. Violence it doesn't only mean - to beat someone. It can also be showed by a psychical violence.
Teasing is the most often used form of violence by children.They laugh at one of their buddy and it might be defined as violence then. Of course, it doesn't finish in childhood. It happens in schools, streets and everywhere around us. Many of it there are even on sports events like matches. Fans of one team express their hate to the fans of another team. Violence is however the oldest way to solve disputes and I doubt that it will ever disappear of our life.

25.There are many various ways of protecting our environment. One of them is recycling. It means that some kind of rubbish is
sorted and transformed and used once again. Another method can be using only ecological bags and other ecological products. They were created to decrease our environmetal pollution as much as possible. It doesn't cost much but you can help your planet! We should also prevent global warming. If we don't do it, it may destroy our planet in the nearest future. One of the way to do it, it's for example is to decrease using of light energy. When you don't have to turn the lights on, just don't do it! You'll save money and what more important is you'll help your environment!

26. I think that children should be allowed to have pets. One of the reason is that it teaches them sensivity. They are more sensible and can sympathize then. It also good for their responsibility. Children who have same houseworks are more responsible. Another plus of it is that they can have a new interest. It always develops children when they have more hobbies. They are not bored then and don't spend so much time in front of the computer. They can relax playing with the pet as well. Anyway a child should have a pet only then when he takes care of it properly. In another case he shouldn't be allowed to have it.