Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If I were a headmaster i would change alot in my school. Children would wear school uniform which would look like: white shirt, tie, blazer, black shoes(no trainers), black jumper. all school would have to wear the same uniform.
I would change also break time. I would make one long lunch time. If I had that much power I would add some school rules for example: 1)children would not be allowed to bring fizzy drinks to school for eg.(coke, sprite)
2)children who are late to school would have to stay later after school lessons and go to the lessons they missed.
If i could i would hire a special teacher to help children with homework after school. If I could and there's some space i would make a bike shed for children who come by bike to school.
If I could i would orginse education trips. But that's only my dreams, so wake up and go to normal school.