Alex Smith, coy inhabitant of small town Ciućkowo, used to have wonderful life. Unfotunetly, last time something strange happend. About year ago, Alex went for a walk with his only friend, a dog called Sweetie. The weather was cloudy, but man wasn't scared of mysterious fog. 2 kilometers behind Alex's home, Alex saw strange-looking saucer just over his head! "I was shocked, I didn't know, what to do! I was just standing and trying not to yell!" - he says now. The UFO started to land on his field. "I'm sure I saw some green body, which heisted my tillage!" - Mr Smith is incensed. All of a sudden, Sweetie started to bark and then... she runned away! Alex tried to find her, but he couldn't move until the UFO was gone. The dog is missing, we can only hope that Sweetie is in a better place...
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last Sunday about 9pm. I took a walk with my dog, Rex. I was in a forest near my home and I often walk there. It's rather save area. Suddenly Rex started to bark and I was very nervous. Rex run away and I heard strange low hum. I was hidden behind a tree and I saw a spaceship landing near me. Rex was standing near there and he waged the tail. Very tall women came from the spaceship. Her hair was red, like her eyes, lightning in night. She took Rex and has gone.
I know it's difficult to believe that, but it's the truth! UFO can fly to the Earth and do everything. If somebody saw my dog, please, phone me. Rex is black and rather small. I'm scared now and I'm nervous about my dog. It was terrible!
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