Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have a dog. His name is Jorguś and he has 3 years old. He likes playing and goes for a walk.He likes eating the sausage.He is funny. I love him very much.
My dog's name is Jorguś and has two years. Jorguś hit us in a unique way. I've always wanted to have a dog, but the parents liked the idea too. They argued that probably will not deal with it and all the responsibilities fall on my birthday nich.W ran up to me, a colleague from the block next to the message that the trash is beautiful, a little puppy. I asked her parents if I could stop him, and because it was my birthday, I hesitated.

Jorguś was carried beautiful. Gold-brown with black small ball like coals, frightened eyes. I made him bed in my room and I took to the vet for vaccinations. Jorguś quickly got used to her new home, and sincerely loved his people, who odwdzięczyli her the same.

Myślę że naj .;*
My dog's name is Jorguś. He is three. He likes to go for a walk and play. He likes to eat sausages.