Lech Alexander the Kaczyński (ur. 18 June 1949 in Warsaw) – the present President of Polish Republic, president of the Highest Room of Control in summers 1992-1995, minister of justice in government the Jerzego the Buzka in summers 2000-2001, president of Warsaw in summers 2002-2005, the center - right politician, cofounder of party the Right and the Justice and her first president.

The reader of legal sciences, professor the extraordinary UG and the UKSW, expert in range of right of work. The brother twin of president ofCabinet's, Jarosław Alexandra the Kaczyńskiego.List of content.
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JAROSŁAW ALEKSANDER KACZYŃSKI -Politician central-rightist olski, chairman of party right and fairness (justice), representative on sejm polish republic, member of national security council, premier from 14 july 2006 for 16 november 2007.
Doctor of legal science, brother of twin of president of polish republic of Lecha Kaczyńskiego.

He studied on warsaw university, where in to 1971 on department right and degree of master has gotten administration, but on department next 8 december 1976 also right and it has defended dsc. thesis in drive administration of warsaw university role of collegiate body superior school.
was employee as science officer in lats in institute of scientific politics 1971-1976 and superior educational system. He worked as tutor in lats on warsaw university in branch in bialystok 1976-1981.

Political committee has informed 7 july right Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz and fairness about intention of retiring. Political committee on position state sanitary supervision premiere jaroslaw Kaczyńskiego.

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