Czasowniki w nawiasach wstaw w formę czasu Present Perfekt lub Past Simple:

1.My uncle (come) to England in 1945. For almost forty years he (work) as a bus driver. He (retire) in 1985.
2. I (just miss) my train. Now I will have to wait for the next one.
3. Bolesłas Prus (write) "Lalka".
4. "(They deliver) the furniture yet?" Yes they (deliver) it yesterday.
5. The play (start) at 8:30 and (last) an hour and a half.
6. "(she take) the medicine yet?" yes, she (take) it at seven o'clock.
7. i (finish) writting it a few minutes ago.
8. I (just finish) my composition.
9. Here is you shirt. I(iron) it for you.
10. We often (smell) gas when we (live) in that old falt.
11. I(read) a lot when i (be) a student.
12. I(read) a lot recently.
13. (you ever taste) caviar?
14. When (they announce) that? They (announce) it fife minutes ago.
15. Paul is giving up smoking. He (not smoke) fore there weeks.
16. When I (see) the Slims last time they (live) in Leeds.
17. Charles is a very handsome man. that is why Linda (be) in love with him ever since she (meet) him.
18. The mansion (belong) to our family for years.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Came,worked,retired
2.Have just missed
3. Wrote
4. Have they delivered,delivered
5. Started,last
6. Has she taken,took
7. Finished
8. Have just finished
9. Ironed
10. Smelled
11. Rode,was
12. Have ridden
13. Have you ever tasted
14. did they announce,annouced
15. Hasn't smoked
16. Saw,lived
17. Was,have met
18. Has belong