Napisz pytania używając How much lub how many...:
1.She drank a lot of tea yeastarday.
2.I watched lots of videos last weekend.
3.There are some eggs in the fridge.
4.I`d like some cakes, please.
5.Daniel wants some money.
6.I bought some cheese at the supermarket.
7.We need some more time!
8.There are lots of students in my class.
9.I don`t drink much coffee.

Napiszcie proszęę..!!



How much she drank tea yesterday???
How many I watched video last weekend???
How much are eggs in the frigde ???
How much woudl I cakes??
how much he wantn money??
how much i bought...........???
how much we need???
how many students are in your class??
how much you drink coffr???
4 3 4